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Two Common Toenail Questions

Bruise on toe nailAt Triad Foot Center, we frequently answer questions about toenail discoloration and thickening. Here are two common questions that we get in the office.

I have just recently started running and have noticed that my toenails are getting darker. It does not hurt. What is going on?

A subungual hematoma, Black Toe Syndrome is common among runners. The trauma of your toes hitting the tip of your running shoes can cause this. More than likely, you have developed a blood blister under the toenail that is causing the color change. The toenail may be partially or completely effected. The toenail may even become loose and fall off. Do not worry. Make sure that your shoes are the correct size and that your socks are not getting bunched up in the toes. Visit your podiatrist for a complete foot examination, gait evaluation and shoe assessment.

I have noticed my nails getting thicker. Am I developing a fungus?

Not necessarily. Abnormally thick nails may be the result of injury, fungal infections or other medical conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis or vascular disease. It is important to have the nails evaluated before starting any treatment. If the nail is not infected, trimming or grinding the nails may be needed. If an infection is present, anti-fungal medication may be prescribed. If there is pain, your podiatrist may even recommend part or total removal of the nail surgically. Do not guess or waste your money on over-the-counter remedies that may not work. Have your toenails evaluated properly by your podiatrist.

If you have questions about what might be going on with your toenails, give us a call to set up an appointment. We are your foot specialists!

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