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Why Does My Ingrown Toenail Keep Coming Back?

Infection in the nail toeIngrown toenails that recur are often painful and disruptive to your normal activities. Many factors can cause ingrown toenails. By eliminating possible causes and getting proper medical treatment, you can prevent your ingrown toenail from coming back.

Most commonly, ingrown toenails are a result of either wearing shoes that are too tight or improper trimming of the nails. Stubbing your toe, having your toe stepped on, or other trauma can also cause ingrown toenails. In some cases, the nail is naturally too large for the toe.

Initially, the primary steps to take to prevent ingrown toenails from coming back are:

  • Always wear comfortable shoes that provide adequate room for the toes.
  • Make sure to trim your nails properly. Nails should be trimmed no shorter than the edge of the toe. They should be cut straight across with no rounding of the corners.
  • Always keep your feet clean and dry.

It is always important to treat your ingrown toenail as soon as you realize there is a problem. Early treatment helps to prevent infection and damage to the affected area.
At-home treatment includes soaking the foot in warm water three or four times a day, wearing sandals, or open-toed shoes until the toenail is better, keep the foot dry when not soaking.

If home treatment does not improve the condition of the ingrown nail within 2-3 days, see a podiatrist. The podiatrist can evaluate and treat your ingrown toenail as well as recommend the proper steps necessary to prevent re-occurrence.

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