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Painful Corns and Calluses

iStock_000024460813MediumCorns and calluses occur in areas where there is an increase in pressure against shoes.  I regularly see patients with corns and calluses that come in to have them regularly trimmed.

In some cases, while the patient’s foot pain is relieved just after the visit, the pain will return after a few days.  In most cases, corns and calluses are the result of underlying foot problems and are not primarily considered skin problems. Most corns on toes form due to hammer toes or malalignment of the toes. Most calluses form on the ball of the foot and are due to poor alignment of one or more of the long bones of the foot called metatarsal bones. By determining and treating the cause with shoe changes, orthotics or surgery, the corn or callus will usually improve or even disappear.

If you have painful corns or calluses, schedule an appointment with us so we can determine the best course of treatment to help alleviate pain and permanently remedy what may be causing them.

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