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All Running Shoes Are Not Created Equal!

Many of our patients enjoy running as a form of exercise and stress relief.  I always advise people who run to pay very special attention to the type of running shoes they use.  In my professional opinion, all running shoes are NOT created equal!

The first thing to consider is the type of running you are doing.  Road running shoes are designed for pavement: light and flexible for repetitive strides on hard, even surfaces.  Trail running shoes are designed for traction, stability and underfoot protection on uneven surfaces.  Also pay attention to your foot arch shape.  Lastly, runners run in individual ways, some with feet naturally rolling inward, while others have an exaggerated form of an outward roll.  Come in for a gait analysis with us to find out the biomechanics of how you run!  We can help with custom inserts/insoles to help correct any gait issues you may have to ensure your next run is safe for your knees, ankles and feet!

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