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Do You Have a Fungal Nail Infection?

A common infection that we treat on a regular basis is fungal toenail infection. The body normally hosts a variety of bacteria and fungi, some of which are useful to the body. However, some fungi can multiply too quickly and form an infection.

Think you might have a fungal nail infection? Symptoms include brittle nail, change in nail shape, crumbling of the outside edges of the nail, thickening of the nail, white or yellow streaks on the side of the nail, and other similar symptoms. People who often go to public swimming pools, gyms, and other public areas have increased risks of fungal infections. If you sweat a lot, your shoes may house more fungi and bacteria than other individuals; fungi thrive in warm, moist areas.

Fungal nail infections can cause discomfort, pain and embarrassment. Diabetes can complicate what might otherwise be a fairly standard fungal infection. Either way, it’s important to treat a fungal toenail. Standard treatments for fungal nail infections include oral medication, topical liquids, and in more severe cases, removal of the infected nail.

Today, technology has allowed us to treat fungal nails with an advanced laser procedure that is completely painless, and allows patients to keep their toenail. The patented technology kills the pathogens that cause the toenail fungus through high intensity pulses of light that penetrate the nail. Healthy tissue that is near the fungus is unaffected. The in-office procedure only takes about 30 minutes and normal activity can be resumed immediately.

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