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All Shoe Inserts Are NOT Created Equal!

Catchy shoe insert advertisements have created awareness of how over the counter shoe inserts alleviate foot pain and discomfort. The truth is, a small amount of foot pain is normal. Various factors play into why your feet may hurt and how much: the shoes you wear, the amount of standing or walking you do, activities you enjoy and so on. The majority of foot problems are the result of improper foot mechanics and many can be caused by these lifestyle factors.

Those who don’t necessarily have traditional foot problems also benefit from shoe inserts. But it is important to understand that those made by a professional have the most lasting and noticeable results. Inserts provided by a licensed podiatrist are custom-made for your foot and your unique foot problems. Molds or scans of your feet are made to ensure an insert fits perfectly to your foot. Over the counter inserts are often “fitted” using a standard scale that doesn’t consider the effects of height and foot patterns.

The popularity of over the counter inserts, or orthotics, has increased awareness of their benefits. However, OTC orthotics do not replace the value of a custom made insert. While cheaper at purchase, the expense is greater than that of custom orthotics over time. Typically, OTC inserts only last a couple of months, making replacements a necessity. A custom orthotic can last 3-5 years and is a money saver in the long run. Additionally, because of the precision of the process and the accompanying knowledge of a licensed professional, custom orthotics will often treat secondary problems caused by feet conditions.

So, the next time your back is sore after a walk, or when your knee gives you a little trouble, consider getting a gait analysis from a podiatrist! A custom orthotic might be the solution to happy feet and a more pain-free life. Contact Triad Foot Center at one of our three locations in Greensboro, Asheboro or Burlington, and start improving your foot comfort.

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