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Tips for Choosing Running Shoes: Do Yours Pass the Test?

Recently, I joined Brad Jones at the Fox 8 studio in High Point to discuss a few tips on how to select the best athletic shoe.  Watch the video here.

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Most individuals walk an estimated 75,000 miles in their lifetime—that’s four trips around the globe! Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of our feet.

Keeping the skin and toenails in good condition is the first step in keeping your feet healthy. Moisturize your feet daily, avoiding getting lotion stuck in between the toes. For dry or rough skin, exfoliate with a tool such as a pumice stone. When cutting the toenails, cut straight across and not too close to the skin.

Picking the right shoe to wear for running, walking or other activities also plays an integral role in taking care of your feet. When purchasing a shoe, pick one that bends right behind the toe area, not at the arch. Also, a proper shoe should not be flimsy enough to easily twist side to side, or pinch the back sides of the heal area inward—it should be firm. Wearing shoes with proper support can help ensure foot health.

It is also important to pay attention to any changes or abnormalities on the feet. Common foot problems include warts, ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot and odorous feet. If you are experiencing any of these conditions or any pain in the feet, it is important to get them checked and properly treated by a podiatrist. Our community is fortunate, as Cone Health has an exceptional network of podiatrists and related healthcare providers dedicated to caring for individuals with foot problems or conditions.

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