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What are Chilblains?

I recently received a call from a patient, who was surprised to find some small, swollen red lumps on the bottom of her feet.  At first, she thought it might just be dry skin.  When she came in for an exam, it turned out to be something a little more.

These red lumps turned out to be chilblains, which is inflammation found on pressure-bearing areas of the foot.  They are usually caused by an abnormal skin reaction to cold temperatures, more commonly found on people with poor circulation to the feet.  In most cases, Chilblains go away on their own, unless cold exposure is prolonged.  These small bumps can become dry and cracked if left untreated, which can lead to infection.  When I asked my patient about any exposure to cold, she did indeed mention a recent ski trip during which the symptoms manifested.  Because she’s diabetic, she was even more prone to develop Chilblains due to poor circulation.  Luckily, however, they went away soon after her office visit.

If you think you might have Chilblains, see one of our podiatrists right away to address your treatment options!  Click here to request and appointment!

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