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Do I Have Flat Feet?

Closeup of a man's extreme flat feet problems with fallen arches, also known as pes planus.

Flat foot is a condition in which the foot does not have a normal arch when standing. Flat feet are fairly common, and occur when tendons in the foot are considered ‘loose’. During childhood, the appropriate tendons that form a normal arch in the foot tighten, which pull the arches upward. In some cases, this maturation simply doesn’t happen, resulting in the arch collapsing and forming a flat position.  Most people with flat feet do not experience any significant pain.  However, some adults may experience achy or tired feet when standing for long periods of time, or after playing sports.

Arch_testAn easy way to check to see if you might have flat feet is to walk barefoot in sand or with wet feet on a dry piece of paper.  Look at this figure to determine the type of arch you have.  If your entire footprint is visible, with no arch break in the silhouette, you most likely have flat feet.

Those with flat feet often experience excessive pronation of the foot, where weight shifts to the inside of the sole, and the ankle rolls inward.  This can cause changes in a natural gait pattern, muscle pain and other problems.  In severe cases, surgery may be necessary, but the good news is that a well-made custom orthotic can generally correct this in most cases.

If you think you might have flat feet, come see us for a thorough evauluation.  We can create custom orthotics to alleviate pain and put the bounce back in your step!  Click here to request an appointment.

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