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Why Hairless Feet Could Be Worrisome

Bald FeetYour feet say a lot about your overall health.  Body hair extends to the feet on most, but if you’re finding that over time your feet have become totally hairless, don’t blame it on daily sock wear or just yet.  Hairless feet is something we see often, and can sometimes be a sign of cardiovascular disease.  It’s naturally more easily detected in men, who are less likely to shave their feet.

Because your feet are furthest from your heart, they are the last to receive blood.  If you have accumulated plaque in your arteries, especially if you’re overweight or if you smoke, your circulation may be poor.  As a result, the hair on your feet never receives the nutrients needed to grow, and therefore, the follicles die and your feet end up bare!

Don’t panic; chances are, the hair on your feet has fallen out over time.  Simply make an appointment to see a podiatrist to ensure that is indeed what is going on.  Then we can assist you with referrals to a cardiologist or vascular specialist if needed.  Click here to request an appointment or call one of our three office locations.

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