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Why Are High Heels Bad For Your Feet?

high-heels-7Millions of women don high heels on a daily basis, braving the sidewalk and teetering on spikes, platforms and wedges for the sake of fashion.  While high heels are fashionable and give many women a sense of confidence, they can also be detrimental to the health of your feet if worn for long periods of time.

Wearing high heels for long periods of time can result in a shortening and tightening of the Achilles tendon.  If the Achilles tendon is short and tight because you frequently wear high heels, your foot will lose the ability to flex up and down normally.  Wearing flat shoes can actually be painful because of the tightness of the heel and calf muscles.  Other conditions include pain in the ball of the foot from bearing an unbalanced amount of weight, toe cramping (especially in pointy toed heels) and arch pain.   Adding orthotics can sometimes alleviate pain, but they do not correct or treat underlying problems.

Move away from regular use of high heels to flats gradually, and stretch your Achilles heel and calf muscles before walking.  When walking long distances, carry a pair of flats in your purse and switch back to heels when you arrive at your destination.

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