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Exercise and Swelling of the Feet

BSN-H2301-Activa Sheer Therapy Knee HighSwelling Edema_Support Socks(1)We always encourage our patients to live healthy, active lifestyles.  Sometimes, it’s easier said than done, especially if you have health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and other conditions.  Slow and steady wins the race, we like to say.  But if you experience pain or swelling of the feet, it’s a good idea to contact us!

Recently, I had a patient come in who was experiencing foot swelling.  She had started exercising in order to live a healthier lifestyle.  Shortly after beginning her workouts, her feet would begin to swell.  Exercise increases blood flow to the heart and lungs, therefore reducing the amount of blood flowing to the extremities.  Swelling is a result of fluid buildup in the circulatory system.  Exercising in high temperatures or altitudes, taking certain medications, hormonal changes, eating a salty diet and high blood pressure can also contribute to swelling in the feet.  Supporting stockings, appropriate stretching and a healthy diet can all help in preventing fluid buildup in the feet.

If these remedies don’t alleviate the problem, you should see us in our office to make sue there are no underlying issues associated with the swelling.  After going over my patient’s health and history, we made suggestions for a change in her diet and also prescribed supportive stockings since she suffered from Diabetes and high blood pressure.

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