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Blister Prevention and Treatment

BlisterBlisters are irritating and inconvenient, not to mention painful.  If you get blisters on your toes or heels frequently, there are a couple of easy ways to prevent them.

Blisters develop due to friction, usually the heel of your shoe rubbing against your heel or your toes rubbing constantly on the inside of your shoe.  Some moisture-wicking socks can help reduce moisture, which causes your foot to slip inside your shoe.  Keep your feet as dry as possible, and be sure to address any ‘hot spots’, or developing blisters, right away.  Many athletes use a small strip of duct tape on trouble spots.  Some method of a skin dressing to stop rubbing is an effective means of preventing blisters.  An underlying issue might be that your shoes are poorly fitted.  When trying on new shoes, wait until afternoon, when your feet are slightly swollen.  Don’t buy shoes a half size up or down, as you are much more likely to develop blisters.  If and when you do get a blister, keep it covered, and don’t peel or pop them.  Peeling or popping a blister exposes the sensitive new tissue underneath, which can become infected or inflamed.

Blisters can form calluses over time.  These calluses can become an entirely new problem.  If you are getting blisters frequently, especially in the same place, we recommend that you come in for an exam, more blister prevention tips and a gait analysis.  Give us a call or fill out this form to request an appointment at one of our three office locations!

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