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I Cut My Foot: Should I See a Doctor?

Cut Foot on BeachDuring the summer, it’s very common for us to see patients for foot injury?  Can you guess why?  It’s because people walk around without shoes!  A very common call we receive pertains specifically to injuries sustained on family beach vacations.  While walking on the beach, it’s likely you’ll step on a shell or other debris.  You might ask, “Do I need to see a doctor if I cut my foot?”

One main concern with cuts on the feet is risk of infection, especially with diabetic patients.  If you cut your feet in the ocean, a plethora of bacteria may have entered the cut.  In addition, oyster shells in particular carry certain bacteria that may require you to receive a tetanus shot.  If the cut is superficial, and does not show signs of infection such as swelling, redness, or oozing, you should apply a topical antiseptic and bandage.  More serious injuries should be seen by a medial professional.

If you’ve cut your foot and experience tenderness, redness and swelling around the cut, go ahead and make an appointment to come in.  It may be necessary for topical treatment, a round of antibiotics or other options to ensure you don’t get a more serious condition such as blood poisoning.  Give us a call or click here to request an appointment.

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