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Suffering from Sweaty Feet? There’s a Solution for That!

iStock_000000425495MediumiStock_000000425495MediumiStock_000000425495MediumDo you feel like your feet are crying in your socks and shoes? No, we’re not talking about pain; they’re literally dipping from sweat, explains Greensboro podiatrist, Dr.  Regal of Triad Foot Center.

While it’s largely unknown why people experience sweaty feet, it is believed that it is an inherited trait that puts a person’s sweating point lower than others. Sweating typically occurs when the feet are attempting to cool themselves down when they become too warm, but some people suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which causes them to sweat excessively no matter how hot or cool they are.

“People who suffer from sweaty feet need to be more cognizant of their foot health,” says Dr. Regal. “Having constant wetness on your skin can cause the skin to become whitish and break down, allowing an infection to develop. It also causes people to suffer from unpleasant foot odor.”

Good hygiene is essential for those who suffer from sweaty feet. It is a good idea to wear wicking socks, as they will absorb the moisture away from your feet and keep them dry. Try to avoid 100 percent cotton socks because they do not draw the moisture from the feet. Instead they trap it against the skin and will cause blisters to form.

It is also important to wash your feet and in between your toes daily with antibacterial soap, and dry your feet and between your toes thoroughly to ensure that no water remains trapped. Foot powder, cornstarch or antifungal power is also recommended.

To help control this sometimes embarrassing problem, it is advised that you see a podiatrist. After a thorough evaluation, a podiatrist can provide treatment options like prescription roll-on antiperspirants, Botox injections, or even a surgical procedure called sympathectomy to help correct this problem.

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