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10 Reasons Why You Should See a Podiatrist

iStock_000015093945_MediumFoot problems are something that should never be ignored and affect everyone from athletes to people who are inactive. The way you walk, run or even stand can be associated with foot problems. Here are the top 10 reasons why a Greensboro podiatrist should be next on your health care list.

  1. Chronic back and/or knee pain.  This could be a sign of an underlying problem in the ankle or foot.
  2. Arthritis in the foot or ankle.  There are medications and orthotics that can help with arthritic pain.
  3. Discolored toenails.  This could be a form of nail fungus, which requires specialized treatment.
  4. Flat feet.  Custom orthotics can prevent and alleviate pain from conditions caused by flat feet.
  5. Growths on foot, such as bunions, corns, heel spurs, warts or neuromas.  Podiatrists specialize in the treatment and removal of growths on the foot.
  6. Skin irritations such as gout, Athlete’s Foot, scaly skin and/or inflammation.  Proper diagnosis is important in determining how to get rid of pesky skin conditions.
  7. Broken bones in foot.  Podiatrists can ensure that bones are set to heal correctly, preventing future problems.
  8. Chronic heel pain or arch pain.  An array of treatment options are available for people suffering with foot pain.
  9. Numbness, burning or tingling.  These symptoms may indicate a neuroma or circulation problem.
  10. Unusual gait or way of walking.  This can cause back or postural problems that can be prevented with custom orthotics.

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