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High Heeled Boots: Are You at Risk for Injury Because of Winter Fashion?

Sexual black female high boots on a high heelFor many women, the winter shoe staple is high heeled boots. They are women’s way of rocking their heels and fashion-forward shoes, while still staying warm as they trek through ice and slush in the winter months.

While you may look good, you are putting yourself at serious risk of ankle injuries that could put your beloved boots back on the shelf for good.

High heeled boots pose the same dangers as high heels. Boots provide a false sense of security as the upper boot is typically flimsy and provides no real support should you slip and fall or roll your ankle.

Instead, when buying winter fashion boots, you should opt for boots with low heels. Before trekking out into the wintery conditions, scuff up the bottom of your boots to provide better traction on slippery surfaces.

If you happen to slip and fall, subsequently twisting your ankle, you need to have your injury evaluated and treated by a podiatrist immediately to ensure you have not torn any ligaments.

“By not seeking treatment immediately and letting your injury heal on its own, you are putting yourself at risk for chronic ankle instability and pain, as well as arthritis and deformity,” Dr. Egerton explains. “If it’s swollen and bruised, you need to seek treatment—even if you can walk on it.”

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