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Why Walking with Bare Feet Can Be Dangerous

BarefootWhen walking around barefoot the saying “watch your step” takes on a whole new meaning. Why? Because anything sharp can and probably will get stuck in your foot and that’s a pain no one wants to bear. Podiatrist Dr. M. Todd Hyatt of Triad Foot Center explains that while it’s one thing to have a small puncture in your foot, it’s an entirely different scenario when an object becomes embedded in the foot.

While most punctures that occur in the foot are superficial, deeper punctures are more serious and can impact a bone, muscle or tendon. Some people with can step on sharp objects and not realize it until after the foot becomes infected. This tends to happen to people who have a weakened sensation in the foot, also known as peripheral neuropathy, and for those suffering from diabetes.

“Punctures and foreign bodies (objects) in the foot can be very serious and in some cases can lead to limb and life threating infections,” explains Dr. Hyatt“. Patients should remember timing is critical, and it’s important to have puncture wounds evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible.”

Often times, punctures are treated in the emergency room or urgent care and in some cases, doctors can open the puncture site and wash it out. Antibiotics are an important and necessary part of the healing process once a puncture wound is treated. If you happen to step on something like a rusty nail, you may end up getting a tetanus shot as well.

Wearing socks won’t prevent similar incidents from happening, but your bare feet are more vulnerable to injury. So please be sure to put your best (covered) foot forward at all times. With spring in full swing, it may be easy to walk outside without shoes, but it is highly recommended that you wear shoes of some sort. Try shoes like Crocs™, which are breathable, light and very comfortable. Prescription Crocs™ are available at our offices, and are great spring and summer shoes for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel pain, arthritis and diabetes!

If you’ve suffered from a puncture or wound to the foot please contact the podiatric team at the Triad Foot Center in one of our three locations, Greensboro, Burlington and Asheboro or click here to request an appointment.

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