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High Heels and Bunions: Is There a Connection?

young woman massaging his feetIf anything is getting a bad reputation these days, it’s definitely high heels.  Study after study has shown beauty really is pain when it comes to this type of footwear. They are proven to damage your posture, strain your calf muscles, twist your ankles and even permanently shorten your tendons. However, there is some small bit of good news; high heels won’t give you bunions, explains Burlington podiatrist, Dr. Hyatt of Triad Foot Center.

Dr. Hyatt confirms these claims with findings from the Framingham Foot Study. “The study looked at the connection between foot pain and the type of footwear in more than 1,000 adults, and the findings concluded that bunions, and other similar foot conditions, are highly inheritable and not necessarily caused by wearing high heels.”

Excessive high heel wear can make your pre-existing condition worse, but research shows bunions are inherited from your genes and not your Jimmy Choo’s.

“In most cases symptoms include a bulging bump near the base of your big toe. This is often partnered with persistent pain due to soreness around the joint,” Dr. Hyatt continues.

While this research may lead you to break out your highest pair of stilettos, remember that bunions are a bone deformity, which means accommodative footwear will now become a necessity.

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