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Shower Shoes: Do I Really Need Them?

Foot under showerWhether you’re a college student living the dorm life, cleaning up after a long sweaty workout in the gym, or starting the day at your favorite bed and breakfast,  there is one important necessity you need in order to stay healthy…shower shoes.

In all of these scenarios, communal showers are the common thread. Warm, moist environments, like shower stalls, are places were fungi thrive. Entering shower stalls without protecting your feet makes it easy to pick up a foot fungus. Common foot and toenail problems like warts, athlete’s foot, or onychomycosis, an infection that leaves toenails hard and turns them yellow, are just a few of the things you may bring with you even after you’re squeaky clean.

Dr. Norman Regal, a podiatrist at Triad Foot Center, says there’s lots of bacteria roaming around in the places we frequent most, especially the shower. “While picking up one of these infections may only take one or two trips to the shower, they take months to fully treat and with spring and summer upon us, prevention from these conditions is key.”

No, none of these ailments are life threatening, but they can be painful, unsightly, or even smelly. Here are a few tips to keep your feet in tip top shape in and out of the shower:

  1. Keep your feet dry. Remember, moisture is where fungi thrives.
  2. Wear clean socks. Not only do socks help keep your feet dry but they also protect them from certain injuries.
  3. Don’t share shoes. You can get fungal infections from wearing other people’s shoes and/or socks. Yes, this includes rentals at bowling alleys or skating rinks! Always wear your own footgear to keep your feet healthy.

The key to preventing fungus from getting near your feet is to wear shower shoes when you’re soaping up anywhere other than home.
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