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Foot Pain Increases Fall & Injury Risks for Seniors

iStock_000031069990MediumSeniors at risk for falls are more likely to experience serious injuries and even death, an unfortunate consequence of aging. Staying healthy and active can prevent falls and subsequent injuries. Falls have become the number one cause of injury deaths among Americans age 65 and older, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed.

Seniors often begin to lose their sense of balance because of medical conditions of the feet, like osteoarthritis, corns, hammer toes, and bunions , which can all be treated if the condition is caught early enough. Neuropathy, which can cause numbness in the feet, is usually the result of diabetes and can pose a serious risk for seniors.

In addition, gait and balance issues, as well as lower body weakness, can increase your risk of taking a tumble.

Your feet are the foundation of your body and can leave you immobile if foot pain and problems arise.

Seniors are advised to stay as active as possible, stretch regularly and seek the help of a podiatrist if foot pain develops to help keep you on your feet and to maintain your overall sense of well-being. Even a short walk each day can keep circulation moving and increase lower body strength. Along with better coordination and balance, you’ll be much less likely to experience a fall if you exercise regularly.

Don’t be afraid of foot pain. The only thing worse than ignoring it and not seeking help is losing the ability to do the things you love the most because of it.

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