Foot Care for Seniors: What You Should Know

Baby Boomer Foot Care: What You Need to Know About Foot Care for Seniors

iStock_000008533466MediumIt should come as no surprise that senior adults tend to encounter more problems with their feet than younger generations. Although seniors are experiencing more foot-related issues, they’re not seeking treatment, which is leading to increased numbers of foot injuries, diseases and diabetic wounds. Foot care for seniors should never be taken lightly.

The Las Cruces Sun-News reported that one study revealed 71 percent of respondents ages 65 or older have foot pain and problems, but only 39 percent sought medical advice. Twenty six percent believed their foot-related issues were medical conditions.

As you age, foot-related problems can lead to a decreased quality of life, which affects your mobility, coordination, balance and gait. These issues combined elevate the threat of falls, and increase your chances of winding up on the couch instead of doing the things you love to do.

To help eliminate the threat of developing foot-related problems, healthy seniors should consider the following suggestions from our podiatric team of experts:

  • Regularly examine your feet for any changes or irregularities.
  • Clean your feet daily with mild soap and water.
  • Use lotion to help skin from drying out, cracking and itching.
  • Keep your feet dry, especially in between toes, to eliminate the threat of fungal infections.
  • Keep your toenail properly trimmed to stop ingrown toenails and toe pain. Make sure to cut straight across, not curved.
  • Regularly stretch your feet, legs and calves by being active and wearing properly fitting shoes.

If you have trouble with completing routine foot care, don’t be afraid to ask your caregiver or make regular appointments with your podiatrist to ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

It is especially important for those with diabetes to routinely check their feet because of neuropathy.  You may not realize a sore has appeared and this could lead to foot amputation if not detected and treated early enough.

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