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Tips for Preparing for Foot Surgery

iStock_000010410331MediumIf you’re preparing for foot surgery, planning ahead is crucial to your comfort in the days following surgery and the success of your recovery.

The podiatrists at Triad Foot Center have a few tips to help you prepare for your foot surgery:



  • Be sure to check with your podiatrist to get an estimate of how long you may be out of work due to your recovery process so you can pre-plan with your job.
  • Do all your food shopping and errands prior to surgery to ensure you can fully relax post-surgery and not have to leave the house. Don’t forget to buy all your favorite snacks, but try to eat wholesome and healthy foods to help boost healing and cut down on recovery time.
  • Talk with family and friends about things you may require help with while you are off your feet, such as laundry, cooking or running errands.
  • Rent movies; check out books from your local library and gather any other activities to help occupy your time.
  • Rearrange furniture to help make maneuvering through your house easier. If you sleep upstairs, consider moving your bed downstairs for the duration of your recovery, for example.
  • Establish a “command post,” with a telephone, computer, television remote, pillow, blanket and any other essentials within reach.
  • Consider applying for a Temporary Handicap Placard for when you are mobile following surgery, but still cannot make the trek from the back of the parking lot to the store.
  • Fill any necessary prescriptions prior to your surgery date.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your scheduled surgery!

Foot surgery doesn’t have to be a burdensome time if you plan well in advance. In fact, it could be some of the most relaxing days you’ve had in a long time. After all, you’ll literally be required to kick up your feet!

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