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Do Women Suffer More Foot-Related Injuries and Ailments Than Men?

iStock_000016026767MediumDid you know that women typically suffer more foot-related injuries than men?  In fact, by age 40, women undergo the majority of common-problem foot surgeries, according to research conducted by the nation’s top doctors as reported by Women’s Health Magazine.

So why do more foot-related problems affect women? Anatomical differences and genetic disposition are some of the biggest reasons, as females have narrower heels and tend to experience weaker joints than males.

In addition, women experience different biological differences that can affect the feet. Between irregular menstrual cycles, lower-fat diets which can lead to lowered bone mass, as well as having wider hips that affect women’s body alignment and stance, females are at a higher pre-disposition for foot-related problems and injuries.

Women’s fashion choices also contribute to their increased risk of foot injuries and ailments, like high platforms or stilettos. Even a two-inch heel can increase pressure to your feet, which is then compounded by small toe boxes. This leads to the increased possibility of developing bunions and hammer toes. Instead of choosing the season’s hottest heels, platforms or wedge shoes, shoes which tend to have lower inclines are better choices.

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