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Foot Pain: 6 Ways You Could Be Unknowingly Causing Foot Problems

Feet in painWe’ve all heard about the dangers of wearing high heels and how they can take a toll on your feet, but did know there are some other things you may be doing that could be also destroying your feet? You may inadvertently be causing foot pain.

If you want to keep your feet in tip-top shape, here are six things you need to stop doing right now:

  1. Following Fads: Fads come and go and usually for a good reason—they don’t work out or end up being unhealthy for you! For example, FiveFinger running shoes (shoes that look like gloves for your feet) became all the rage a few years ago, and people ran to the store in droves because of their alleged health benefits, only to find out that the company falsified their claims. Doing your research before choosing a trendy product is always a safe thing to do, and may end up saving your knees and feet a lot of undue stress.  In this case, these shoes don’t offer proper arch support for running long-term.
  1. Packing on the Pounds: Many people began to report foot pain after putting on some weight. In fact, a study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society revealed 41 percent of those with foot pain had gained weight before noticing any pain. Just gaining 10 extra pounds could be lead to foot issues, according to researchers. Do your best to eat healthy foods and stay active in order to avoid weight gain.
  1. Foregoing Socks: Before you skip out on socks, you’d better think twice! Wearing sporting shoes without socks actually increases your likelihood of contracting an infection, like Athlete’s foot. Socks provide a barrier, as well as pull moisture away from your feet. Remember, moisture is a playground for bacteria and fungus!
  1. Putting Fashion First: Beauty shouldn’t equal pain, no matter how amazing your new pair of shoes are. Don’t choose shoes solely based on how they look; instead you need to focus on how well they fit and support.
  1. Stuffing Your Feet into Narrow Shoes: Narrow shoes can lead to foot problems like bunions and ingrown toenails, because of the toe box being too small. This puts unnecessary pressure on your toes. Also look for shoes made of soft materials, such as leather, which will allow your shoe walls to flex with late day swelling.
  1. Using Only One Pair of Shoes: If you exercise regularly, try to refrain from wearing the same shoes every day. It could take your shoes more than one day to dry out due to any sweating, and the midsole tends to compress after a workout, affecting the amount of support you receive if you wear the same shoes every day.

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