What is Hallux Limitus? The Big Toe and Pain

Foot Problems: What is Hallux Limitus and How Do I Treat It?

Foot massage.Have you ever heard of Hallux Limitus? It is not a faraway planet as you might suspect. It is actually a disorder of the base joint located in the big toe! Hallux Limitus is a fairly common condition that is actually a form of degenerative arthritis.

Your big toe is a vital body part used when walking, standing, and bending. We rely heavily on our big toe for proper balance and normal “wear and tear” can cause Hallux Limitus to develop.

How do I know if I have Hallux Limitus?

Symptoms of Hallux Limitus include:

·         Pain and stiffness of the big toe (when in use)

·         Difficulty wearing flexible shoes, shoes with poor support and/or high heels

·         Swelling and inflammation around the big toe joint

·         Tension around the joint during exercises, including running, swimming, and biking

These symptoms may seem elementary. However, by ignoring these symptoms you can develop hip, knee, or back issues (due to the change in walking pattern from the strain). Hallux Limitus can be treated quickly and efficiently the sooner you are diagnosed, so don’t ignore the symptoms!

How do I treat Hallux Limitus?

·         Wear accommodative foam cushions to prevent the joint from painful shoe pressure

·         Wear shoes that provide support and limit the motion of the joint

·         Wear a turf toe plate, a product ideally made for treating Hallux Limitus

In severe cases, Hallux Limitus can progress into Hallux Rigidus, which leads to immobility of the joint altogether, and surgery may be required. If you experience the symptoms and have tried various at-home treatments, it’s time to seek professional help from a podiatrist.

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