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The 4 Best Exercises After Having Foot Surgery

girl with a broken legAfter major foot surgery, getting back on your feet and back to doing the things you enjoy is probably your highest priority. You invested in the surgery in order to maintain a full and active lifestyle, and now that your surgery is over, you’re ready to take life by the reigns. But many often hesitate out of fear that they may aggravate something or cause an injury that will only result in an even further setback.

First, you should always consult your podiatrist about the amount of time you need to spend off your feet before engaging in any physical activity. Once your podiatrist has given you the green light to get back on your feet, here are some exercises that you should consider starting off with:

  1. Strength Training and Stretching: You’ve been restricted to sitting down for the last couple of days or weeks, which mean your muscles have tightened up and haven’t been stretched.  Stretching your leg muscles and incorporating weights, while also focusing on other areas of your body, are recommended as this is a great way to ensure you’re not overdoing yourself too quickly.
  1. Swimming/Water Aerobics: The weightless effect of swimming and water aerobics is also another effective avenue for physical activity following surgery. However, make sure all incisions are completely healed and that you are not in a cast, even if you invested in cast protectors, because they can leak. If you have any open wounds, you also run the risk of bacteria entering the wound, causing it to break down as a result of being water logged.
  2. Yoga and Pilates: When you feel comfortable, and your podiatrist has given you the OK to bear weight on your feet and ankles, Pilates and yoga are a great way to ease into physical activity.
  1. Bike Riding: Riding a bike or using a stationary bike an effective way to elevate your heart rate without impacting your feet and ankles too heavily. But because you can increase the swelling into the foot that just underwent surgery by elevating your heart rate, make sure you start off slow.

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