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Why Do My Toes Hurt While Cycling?

Riding a mountain bikeTired and achy arms and legs are a common occurrence for cyclists after a long ride as a result of supporting their upper bodies and pushing the pedals. But if you’re experiencing toe pain you should take notice. While toe pain could be a result of something less alarming, it could also mean you’re suffering from an injury. If your toes hurt while cycling, read on.

A dull pain in your toes, coupled with pressure during or after your ride, could be due to your shoes being too tight. Your feet swell slightly during exercise and because cycling shoes typically don’t stretch to allow for the extra swelling, more pressure will be put on your feet when pushing the pedals. The constant up-and-down movement of peddling can also cause more blood to pool in the feet, increasing the amount of swelling and putting more pressure on the toes.

You could also be suffering from is what is commonly referred to as “hot foot,” which is a condition caused by too much pressure being applied to the nerves in the foot. Loosening the straps of your shoes or choosing cycling shoes with a stiff bottom to help distribute the pressure can help alleviate any burning sensation you may be experiencing.

But if you’re experiencing chronic sharp pain from the ball of your foot to your toes, you may be suffering from metatarsalgia. You will not only feel this pain while cycling but during normal activity, which can intensify when you flex your toes.

It is unlikely that metatarsalgia is a result from cycling; instead it can arise from foot mechanics. If you’re suffering from metatarsalgia, visiting your podiatrist is the first step in alleviating your pain. Typically your doctor will prescribe physical therapy, cortisone and orthotics, in addition to some good old fashioned rest.

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