Bunions and Hammer Toes Got You Down? Triad Foot & Ankle Center

Bunions and Hammer Toes Got You Down? We Can Help!

Hallux valgus OPTriad Foot Center specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of bunions and hammer toes. While many people think that bunions are caused by shoes that are too tight, heredity is the true culprit. However, both bunions and hammer toes can be aggravated by wearing poorly fitted shoes. There are a number of different preventative measures that you can take to minimize pain from a bunion or hammer toe. However, a podiatrist can offer some advantageous treatment options that are highly effective.

Custom Orthotics

Bunions and hammer toes make wearing shoes painfully uncomfortable, especially those with short or narrow toe boxes. A podiatrist can take a mold of the affected area and create an orthotic specifically designed to relieve pressure and pain off of a bunion. Custom orthotics can also correctly posture hammer toes, and are called hammer toe regulators. Soft insoles, as well as corn and felt pads can reduce friction on the affected toe, which can reduce inflammation, prevent calluses and eliminate blisters.


In more severe cases, surgery can correct a bunion or hammer toe. There are usually two reasons for a podiatrist to recommend surgery; to restore functionality of the affected toe or to improve the appearance of the foot when a bunion or hammer toe has resulted in a significant deformity.

hammer-toeIf you’re living with pain or unsightly foot conditions, you’re not alone. The majority of Americans report having at least one foot condition. With so many easy options for treatment, why not start living life pain-free? We’ll make it even easier! Simply click here to request an appointment, and we’ll contact you to set one up for you.

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