National Running Day 2015 - Triad Foot Center

National Running Day 2015 – Our ‘Best of the Best’ Running Blogs


It’s National Running Day 2015, and we’re ready to hit the road running!

To celebrate, we have rounded up our “best of the best” blogs for our running enthusiasts. Before you lace up your sneakers and hit the trails, here is some information you may want to check out first:


The 10 Most Common Running Related Injuries

Experiencing Foot Cramps While Running? Try These Tricks to Avoid Painful Cramping

Tips for Choosing Running Shoes: Do Yours Pass the Test?

All Running Shoes Are Not Created Equal!

Tips on Selecting Athletic Shoes


Remember, if you are experiencing any pain or running-related injuries, it’s important that you contact a podiatrist to properly treat your ailment before it develops into something worse.

The podiatry experts at Triad Foot can help you get back on your feet and back to your favorite activities. Click here to request an appointment.


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