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What is Peroneal Tendinosis?

iStock_000048859790_FullHave you been feeling pain near the back of your ankle? If so, you could have a condition called peroneal tendonosis.


Peroneal tendonosis deals with the peroneal tendon, which runs behind the fibula on the outside of the ankle. When you have tendonosis, there is an enlargement of the tendon, which causes swelling in the affected area. Most people who suffer from peroneal tendonosis have overused the tendon. The overuse of the peroneal tendon is very common in marathon runners or in other actions that require recurring use of the ankle. Other causes for the condition could be caused from wearing poorly fitted shoes, or from hindfoot varus posture, which is an inverted abnormality of the rear foot.



When experiencing pain near the back of your ankle, the key is to determine where the pain is coming from. To verify whether you have peroneal tendonosis, you will need to confirm that it is indeed the peroneal tendon that is in pain. Determining this is something a podiatrist can help you with.  When you do visit your podiatrist, you will most likely be given an x-ray, which will be used for the assessment. However, MRIs and ultrasounds are also commonly used.



Most peroneal tendonosis cases will heal without any type of surgery. Immobilization through a CAM Walker boot or ankle brace have proven to be great ways to assist in the healing process of peroneal tendonosis and are the most common treatments. Other options to cure peroneal tendonosis may include physical therapy or medication. However, depending on severity of the ailment, surgery may be required.


Recovery & Rehabilitation:

If surgery is required for your case of peroneal tendonosis, rehabilitation will also be necessary. Normally, the minimum time before bearing weight on your injured foot is six weeks, so a wheelchair or crutches will most likely be prescribed. Physical therapy may also be needed after surgery, which will be discussed with you by your podiatrist.


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