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Do You Have Weak Ankles?

Sprained ankle black x-ray

Do you feel like you are one bad step away from your ankles giving out on you? You’re not alone.

Many people suffer from what podiatrists call ankle instability or weak ankles, which occurs most often after repeated ankle sprains.

Weak ankles can become a problem, especially if you have an active lifestyle and enjoy running and sports activities. Often it just takes one quick lateral movement for an ankle to twist and leave you gasping in pain.

Repeated or single ankle sprains that failed to heal completely are often the cause of weak ankles. Broken ankles and other injuries, like nerve damage, could also be culprits, as well as built up scar tissue and torn tendons or ligaments.

For many people, a trip to the podiatrist and resting the ankle to allow it to fully heal is all it takes to repair the damage and correct the problem. A brace, medications for inflammation and pain, as well as steroid injections, are also sometimes prescribed as treatment options for those with more risk or severity.

If you think you have weak ankles, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. Our staff are here to help, so request an appointment today!

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