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No New Shoes Needed: Custom Orthotics Made for Every Shoe Type

Doctor preparing orthopedic insoles for a patient on his studio

So you need custom orthotics, but don’t want to sacrifice style? Don’t worry, you’re not doomed to a lifetime of wearing closed-toe shoes that aren’t even close to your idea of “fashionable.”

Today, custom orthotics can be made to fit any type of shoe, including sandals and most likely, the shoes you’re wearing right now. To make your feet feel great, orthotics work best in an athletic shoe. However, there are also custom orthotics that can be worn in a more fashionable shoe.

Custom orthotics are molded specifically to your foot, which is used to help treat conditions like heel spurs, arthritis, neuromas, and arch pain.  Orthotics are not just used to treat medical conditions; they are great for people who suffer from back pain and achy joints due to a condition originating with the feet. By correcting the source of misalignment in your gait, you may be able to alleviate pain in the back or neck. Aligning the foot properly can prevent a plethora of aches and pains associated with incorrect posture and gait.

What’s the difference between custom orthotics and shoe inserts at my local retail store?

You are not a number. Every foot is unique and different, thus requiring custom inserts to truly meet your needs, rather than a mass produced over-the-counter insert for a general foot shape and size. While the shoe insert may be advertised as custom, the truth is, unless you’ve seen a podiatrist and they’ve scanned a 3D image or taken a mold of your foot, it’s not custom at all. Instead, your type of foot arch, accompanied by any other issues you may list during the ‘custom test’ may be grouped into a certain type of insert that thousands of other people also use. It does not account for any small discrepancies in your gait, foot shape or the types of shoes you wear. Lastly, these retail inserts last only 2-4 months; a custom orthotic can last up to 3 years.

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