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Does Your Ankle Pop?


Does your ankle make a “popping” noise when you rotate it in circles? While it may seem like a fun trick to show your friends, it can lead to a painful injury.

The popping sound is actually the result of tendons snapping against the bones in your ankle when the ankle is rotated. Over time, the tendons on the outside of your ankle (peroneal tendons) can actually wear a groove into the ankle bone, and when the ankle is rolled in a circular pattern, the tendons come out of the groove and snap across your ankle bone.

Patients often develop this as a result of suffering from chronic sprained ankles.  Because the ligaments that keep the tendons in the groove have weakened due to sprains, it allows the tendons to come out and snap against the ankle bone.

While popping your ankles is usually painless, it can cause the tendon to tear if the ankle is rotated past its threshold, which will result in swelling and pain when walking.

If you tear your tendon, you need to have it evaluated by a podiatrist. If your ankle has been making a popping noise for some time and you are beginning to experience achiness or pain at the site of the popping, a podiatrist may recommend a treatment plan that ranges from immobilizing your foot in a walking boot to surgical methods.

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