Kids feet grow fast - and keeping them in well-fitting shoes is a must

Back to School can be a Real Pain in the…Foot!

kids foot pain

Now that school is underway, the new outfits and shoes for the kids have been worn in.

While your kids may be moaning and groaning about going back to school after a fun-filled summer, there’s one complaint you should take seriously: Sudden kids foot pain that has developed since returning to the classroom.

After months of wearing flip flops and sandals, a sudden change in footwear can sometimes result in a painful adjustment. Due to the lack of cushioning and support in flip flops and sandals, your child could be experiencing foot and arch pain during the summer months, as well as a slew of other problems like inflammation of the Achilles tendon, pinched nerves, sprained ankles, broken or sprained toes, scrapes and cut, plantar warts, callus build-up and athlete’s foot. However, what might come as a surprise is that your child may continue to complain about foot pain after they’ve swapped flip flops for supportive sneakers.

Due to the lack of cushioning in flip flops and because the heel continues to grow new bone well into the mid-teens, repetitive stress to the heel can inflame the new growth on the heel bone and result in heel pain. In many cases, growth plate issues resolve on their own, but chronic pain might indicate a more serious problem. If your child has complained of foot pain over the summer and continues to do so once school has resumed, it’s time for a visit with your podiatrist. Early detection is key to resolving any foot pain quickly.

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