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Winter is a Great Time for Bunion Surgery

Winter is the perfect time to have bunion surgeryIf you have bunions, winter is met with pain as you squeeze your feet into closed-toe shoes after they have enjoyed the less constricting comfort of sandals for the last several months.

The pain and pressure applied to the bunion as you slip on your winter footwear are typically the last straw for many patients before throwing in the towel and finally resolving to do something about this painful condition. In addition, because winter has your feet covered up and more time is spent indoors, it has proved to be the perfect time to treat your bunions so you can put your sandals back on without embarrassment.

If you have bunions and are weighing the pros and cons of surgery, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Results of Bunion Surgery: Although you may need to arrange quite a bit of downtime after the surgery, for many bunion surgery is worth the inconvenience. Bunion surgery not only improves the appearance of your foot, but it also greatly reduces or eliminates foot pain. After surgery, you may notice it is easier for you to participate in everyday activities, as well as shop for footwear!

2. Downtime: While bunion surgery is very beneficial to some, it will require some downtime. The recovery period can be as little as a few days to as long as several weeks, depending on your activity level and type of surgery you had. It may take some longer than others to transition into shoes, but most people can return to full activity without restrictions within three months. You will also need to see a podiatrist regularly the first year after surgery.

3. Will I be able to walk following surgery? Immediately following surgery, you may be able to walk with the help of a surgical shoe, but many surgeons only reserve the surgical shoes for small bunion correction. Be sure to speak with your podiatric surgeon about their recovery parameters. Some downtime will most likely be required where you will need to stay off the affected foot if your bunion correction surgery is more involved.

4. Will my bunion return after surgery? Typically, bunions don’t come back unless you suffer from ligamentous laxity, which increases your chances of a re-occurrence. Re-occurrence is generally low following surgery.

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