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3 Tips For A Pain-Free Pedicure

Pain-Free Pedicure tips

Getting a pedicure is a relaxing, enjoyable experience for many people and can also contribute to maintaining healthy feet. However, there are times when a pedicure can quickly turn into a nightmare, leading to infection, ingrown toenails, and painful skin abrasions. In order to keep your trip to the nail salon a positive one, here are three precautions you should take for a pain-free pedicure.

  1. Bring your own nail kit. Many nail salons do a great job with sanitizing their tools, but many don’t. It is always okay to ask how the pedicure tubs are sanitized, as well as the nail tools. Ideally, tools should be sanitized via a surgical-grade autoclave, but at the very least, they should be soaked in an antiseptic after every use. Likewise, the foot tub should be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed after each client. It is always a good idea to bring your own tools to a pedicure appointment to ensure that the only skin cells coming into contact with your feet are your own. Many pedicurists are used to this practice and will accommodate you, but you may want to call ahead to make sure they can perform the pedicure using your own tools.
  2. Don’t let your technician play doctor. If a pedicurist sees what appears to be an ingrown toenail, they should never try to remove it themselves. This can lead to a painful infection, and make the ingrown nail even worse. Make sure your pedicurist cuts the nail straight across, filing the edges, rather than cutting in a curve, which can lead to ingrown toenails. In addition, pedicurists should use only filing tools for calluses, such as a pumice stone or foot file, rather than any sharp implement, such as shaving the callus with a razor. A poorly trained pedicurist could easily open or cut skin with a foot razor or coarse file.
  3. Know when to skip your pedicure. There are instances when you should skip your pedicure appointment altogether. Athlete’s foot and plantar warts are highly contagious, and while you may go to a salon with good sanitation protocols, it only takes one poorly cleaned tool or foot tub to spread these conditions to others. If you have open skin from a cut or scrape on the foot or leg, have irritated skin from shaving, sunburn on the feet or legs, or any type of bacteria or fungus on the toenails, you should ask to reschedule your appointment until you’ve seen a podiatrist for treatment.

Having beautiful feet also means having healthy feet! If you think you may have a condition that requires treatment, it’s best to see a podiatrist. Request an appointment with one of our podiatric specialists today for a comprehensive foot exam by clicking here or call any of our convenient office locations in the Piedmont Triad.

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