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Do Bunion Splints Really Work?


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Bunions are a painful condition that comes with an embarrassing bulge at the base of the big toe. People who suffer from this condition are seeking at-home treatments to stop the progression themselves.

Bunion splints are a common at-home treatment option that patients try first before coming to see their podiatrist; and we often have people asking, “Do these really work?!” The short answer is no.

Bunions are largely a hereditary condition, which is caused by uneven pressure placed on the joints and tendons in your foot that forces your big toe joint out of its normal position. The big toe joint shifts inward toward the other toes and causes a prominent bony protrusion at the base of the big toe. Tight and ill-fitting shoes are also known to exasperate this condition and cause it to worsen.

While bunion splints claim to help correct the alignment, relieve pressure and diminish pain, the truth is bunions are a structural issue and a splint will not offer long-term relief. In addition, there is no scientific evidence suggesting that bunion splints are successful in correcting or improving bunions.

Instead, you can help slow the development of your bunion by wearing proper fitting shoes with a roomy toe box and custom orthotics. When conservative treatments fail to stop the progression of your bunion and alleviate the pain, surgery may be discussed.

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