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8 Best Shoes For Working On Your Feet All Day

A couple of years ago the Harvard Business Review famously declared that “sitting is the new smoking” (the average American now spends more time sitting than sleeping!) Many offices are adopting the standing desk to give their workers a chance to get off their butts, which is certainly good for their overall health but makes it even more important to pay attention to the feet. Those who work on their feet can tell you that standing for several hours a day without support is not only bad for your feet, it puts a strain on your legs and lower back.

If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet, here are some of the best shoes for work:

  1. Clogs. Nurses and other professionals who are on their feet all day often opt for clogs with their wide toe box and supportive shape. Because of their exaggerated arch support, closed-toe logs are a particularly good choice for people with plantar fasciitis.
  2. Sneakers. In general, workplaces are a lot more accepting of sneakers than they used to be. If sneakers are an option for you, look for good quality shoes with cushioned soles and plenty of arch support. More good news if you have plantar fasciitis: several companies make sneakers specially designed with extra support and shock-absorption.
  3. Boots. Look for boots with thick, cushiony soles and good built-in arch support. Ankle support, particularly in lace-up styles is a bonus; you don’t have to go for no heel but avoid a very high heel.
  4. Oxfords. Good old lace-up shoes come in a range of styles and colors for both men and women. The newly hip Oxford is a good choice if you can trade up to quality materials and supportive construction.
  5. Loafers. The leather of the classic casual dress shoe can be a little stiff, but you can find plenty of options with the flex and the support that make them good for standing.
  6. Platform Loafers. Up the cool factor with thick-soled loafers that combine classic style with the loft of a platform and wedge heel. The structured sole gives support and makes the shoes particularly comfortable for standing.
  7. Pumps. Face it: high heels are never going to be a good choice for a standing desk, but the more modest pump is a good second-best if you are looking for a little elevation without sacrificing comfort. Pay a lot of attention to fit before you buy any shoe with a higher heel (1.5 inches is about as high as you’ll want to go)
  8. Slippers. Seriously! We’re not talking fuzzy bedroom slippers, but well constructed fleece-lined slip-ons that are more than a slipper but less than a shoe. Look for ones that have a good sturdy sole that gives both protection and support.

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