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4 Ways To Keep Your Feet Warm & Happy This Winter

cold feetThe temperatures are dropping and the frost is nipping at your toes. For those living in colder climates, and especially those who like to be outside and participate in winter sports, the winter season can take a toll on your feet.

Regardless if you’re an avid skier or more of a hibernator, there are some things you need to know to keep your feet warm and healthy this season.

  1. Not all shoes are suited for winter: Heels, flimsy fashion dress shoes, and thin sneakers are not ideal footwear in the winter months. Not only do they provide little protection against the cold air, which will cause your toes to become numb in a matter of minutes, the cold air combined with dry heat will draw the moisture out of your skin. Winter or rubber boots are the ideal footwear option for keep your feet warm as they provide plenty of insulation and protection. But beware of foot sweat in these insulating shoes. Sweat mixed with cold air will not only create an odor, it’ll leave your feet feeling like popsicles.
  2. Get your winter sports shoes fitted: If you are active in winter sports, don’t go with a one size fits all approach. Each sport has its own sports specific shoe, and one shoe size may not translate to each different sports shoe. An improper fit can result in preventable injuries, like rolled ankles, chafing, or blisters.
  3. Stretch: Stretching helps to keep your blood circulating, and as a result, keeps you warmer. Your toes typically are the first to become numb when exposed to cold temperatures, which is why toe warmers in your shoes are a good idea. If you are a diabetic or a smoker, you may be extra sensitive to the cold, as poor circulation is a common symptom of these groups of people.
  4. Moisturize: The heat from indoors mixed with the cold air outdoors can do a number on your skin. While dry skin can be a nuisance, neglecting to moisturize your feet and heels can cause even bigger problems. Cracking of the skin, especially on the heel, can be painful and result in an infection. Bottom Line: Invest in a good moisturizer and be sure to use it daily!

If the winter weather has led to foot problems or injuries, be sure to be evaluated by a podiatrist. To schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at Triad Foot & Ankle Center please call 336-375-6990 or click here to request an appointment. 

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