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Rolled Ankle? Here’s How to Treat it

It’s all fun and games until your ankle goes sideways, causing pain and swelling. While there are several types of ankle injuries, including sprains and fractures, understanding what type of injury you are experiencing will help you to seek appropriate care and get on the road to recovery faster.

The most common form of ankle sprain, a lateral sprain, happens when your foot rolls inward, causing pain to the outside of the ankle. A medial sprain, which is less common, occurs when the foot rolls outward, causing pain to the inside of the ankle.

For mild to moderate medial and lateral ankle sprains, generally, 2 to 3 weeks of R.I.C.E.- Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation will heal your sprain.

However, if there is a sharp pain when bearing weight on the ankle– consult your physician, and do not put further pressure on your ankle, to avoid any further injury. Many times, severe ankle sprains can result in fractures of the ankle bones.

A high ankle sprain is a much more severe ankle injury. It is a rotational injury that causes all of the ligaments in the ankle to become injured. This type of injury is typically sports related.

It is always best to have a physician evaluate your injury to determine the best course of treatment. If left untreated, ankle injuries can have lasting effects.

In some cases, an MRI may be necessary to determine the full extent of the injury. Additionally, physical therapy can be highly effective in helping you on the path to recovery.

A high ankle injury may require a walking boot or brace during the recovery period.

If there is a fracture or damage to ligaments, surgery may be required.

Preventing Ankle Sprains

  • Find your balance: You can train your body to help improve balance, either through simple exercises like balancing on one foot, or even yoga classes.
  • Train your muscles: Walk regularly and try training with resistance bands to build strength and stability.
  • Make Stretching Routine: Practice stretching on a regular basis to improve flexibility and range-of-motion.
  • Wear a brace: Use a brace or tape to guard protect yourself during high intensity or sports activities.

While  injury may be unavoidable, it is worth it to take necessary precautions and to train your body regularly to increase overall well-being and injury prevention.

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