bruised toenail with runner's toe
What is Runner’s Toenail?

We’re all familiar with “no pain, no gain,” a phrase which, along with ballet-style leg warmers and VHS...
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chilblains, red toes, red toe
Chilblains: The Cold Weather Red Toes

As anyone who has ever made the mistake of walking outside without shoes on a cold winter day...
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plantar flexion
Plantar Flexion Exercises for Strengthening Your Feet

Our feet put in a lot of work for us. From movements as simple as getting out of...
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COVID Toe: What Is This Coronavirus Symptom?

The Coronavirus has dramatically changed the lives of so many of us to date. From school closures and...
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Acral lentiginous melanoma
Acral Lentiginous Melanoma: An Uncommon Cancer of the Feet & Hands

Did you know skin cancer can affect areas of your body that aren’t exposed to the sun? We...
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cold feet
4 Ways To Keep Your Feet Warm & Happy This Winter

The temperatures are dropping and the frost is nipping at your toes. For those living in colder climates,...
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Dr. Kevin P. Patel
Introducing Our New Podiatrist: Dr. Kevin P. Patel, DPM, AACFAS!

We are pleased to announce Dr. Kevin P. Patel, DPM, AACFAS, has joined Triad Foot & Ankle Center’s...
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stubbed toe
Stubbed Toe? Is it Serious?

That hard smack into the wall is just a stubbed toe—no big deal, right? Hmmm, maybe, but don’t...
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Foot cramps
Why Am I Getting Foot Cramps?

They’re common, painful and seem to come out of nowhere: the foot and leg cramps commonly known as...
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